Anjunadeep Open Air Austin Carson Creek Ranch

Have you ever been somewhere nice, took a breath of fresh air, and realized that this would be a great place for a concert?

Anjunadeep Open Air Austin Carson Creek RanchOkay, maybe that’s not relatable for everyone, but for the people over at Anjunadeep who live and breathe music, that’s definitely something that’s crossed their minds. So they started their Anjunadeep Open Air series, where they criss-cross the country finding unique spaces and throw parties there.

For the Austin edition, they’re taking over the sunny Carson Creek Ranch. This Texas ranch was one of the state’s first and straddles the Colorado River, giving it beautiful sloping banks that happen to also form a perfect natural amphitheater.

This is the setting Anjunadeep has selected for Austin-ites (and others coming from further afield) to celebrate the summer at a one-day outdoor festival. While there’s no official lineup released yet, you know Anjunadeep always brings great music, so it’s not like you’re really taking a risk on this one. Besides, there’s going to also be gourmet street food, amazing production, and the always great festival crowd and atmosphere.

There’s still time to get into the festival, which takes place this Saturday. So what are you waiting for?

Anjunadeep Open Air Austin

Date & Time:
June 9th, 2018 | 3 PM

Carson Creek Ranch
9507 Sherman Road
Austin, TX 78742

Age Restriction:

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