Norwegian producer Bearson is here and about to take New York by storm!

Bearson is a Norway-based upbeat electronica producer and musician.  He stole the ears of producers and listeners worldwide after he released a couple of remixes in 2014, and most notably his remix of “Nothin On My Mind”, which played on BBC1 and slingshotted him to the forefront of the electronic scene. Since then, he’s produced multiple different tracks, and has teamed up with singer-producer Mark Johns for the song “Imposter” which dropped in May. His sound, although still being developed, has already honed in on a specific “Bearson” sound. It’s all parts melodic, dreamy, danceable, and addicting. It’s music that is there to put you in a good mood. It’s electronic that soothes you, while still exciting you. His sound is unique, which proves to be a tough task, considering the onslaught of so many new producers and DJs.

On Friday, June 17th, Bearson is playing Rough Trade here in New York City. Spots are still available for our members, so claim them now before they go!

See you there, friends.