Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF)

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) is coming up fast, in case you didn’t mark you calendars when we last talked about it. Just a quick rundown though, BEMF is your chance to get a single pass into a ton of amazing electronic events in a bunch of great venues around Brooklyn from October 12-14. You should want to go to all of them.

But, if you so choose, you can also do the festival à la carte. Let’s do a rundown roundup of some of the highlights.


Want to find out more about Bicep? You can go to Which is really just a way for me to use their own words to say that when you listen to Bicep’s music, you really feel it. Slightly moody, but very club ready.

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DJ Marky

Prepare to dance your ass off. DJ Marky is clearly a fan of a fast beat. Like video game fast. Try your best to keep up.

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Gorgon City & Green Velvet

Two house superstar acts. What happens when Green Velvet’s more futuristic house meets Gorgon City’s more traditional style? Guess you got to go to find out.

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Leon Vynehall

Truly a master of smooth groovy music. Listening to his mixes is a truly magical experience.

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Justin Martin

This Dirtybird Records stalwart is a bit of a style chameleon. But no matter what he decides to play, he does it to perfection.

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Low End Theory

This incredibly popular LA Wednesday night experimental hip-hop/electronic party is bringing the band out to New York just for BEMF.

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Ostgut Ton

It’s a whole label showcase! This one promises to be a jam-packed lineup of the best and brightest of Berlin.

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Michael Mayer

The most interesting thing about Michael Mayer’s music is the unique instrumentation and diverse influences he brings into each one of his mixes. You’ll always hear something new.

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Pete Tong

His sound is generally pretty bright and summery. And even though it isn’t summer anymore, it’s still kind of warm and you can always let his music transport you somewhere else.

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Considering the list of artists who have and have wanted to work with TOKiMONSTA, there’s got to be a reason. And there is. Just listen to some of her tracks without features. Wow.

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