When you hear the word “boy band”, what is it exactly that you think of? We immediately think of syncopated dance moves, frosted tips, and clichéd pop ballads about the dramatic perils of love.

However, the term ‘boyband’ has taken on quite a new form in this day and age, thanks to the fusing efforts of artists signed to the same record labels, producers who easily work together with other producers, and the general ethos of the term “collaborate”.

We’ve seen record labels sign artists that tour together, fuse their talents, and act as if their label is the boyband itself. See: Mad Decent, Fool’s Gold, Bromance, and so many others.

“Boyband” has now become the cool DJ crew that wear leather jackets (or white button ups in some cases) and smoke cigarettes behind their decks.

One of our favorite contemporary boybands are hitting the decks at Schimanski in Brooklyn, and by favorite boyband, we mean the French foursome Club Cheval, consisting of Canblaster, Myd, Panteros666, and Sam Tiba.

After touring North America promoting their latest album Discipline and playing incredible live shows, the boys are back in town, but for a true b2b (b4b) night in Brooklyn.

You’ll love Club Cheval’s DJ sets if you love:

Brodinski, Surkin, LOUISAHHH!!!

Our favorite mix:

Club Cheval at Schimanski

Club Cheval DJ Set

February 16th, 2017 – Brooklyn, NY – Schimanski – Contest / Tickets

Jukely members will be able to claim a spot to the show.