Before I listened to a single song of Erik Blood‘s, a Seattle-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter, I saw a picture of him. I had two questions; let’s see if you can guess them.

Erik Blood

Here were the questions:

  1. What’s with the face paint?
  2. I thought Erik Blood was one person, who is that other person?

Okay, I had several questions (what is that hand doing to the right of the picture?!), but those two are most central to understanding Erik Blood.

The first question, Blood is the one dressed in a black coat with the hat and the mask. Yeah, that’s not black facepaint, it’s a mask. I searched for a reason why, but I couldn’t find one. Only that it is. And it’s not just for pictures and album covers. This is him performing for KEXP:

That was probably an unsatisfying answer, but it’s what I’ve got. By the way, it’s not a Daft Punk thing or anything. Here he is without the mask:

Erik Blood without mask

The second question though, who is that with the red and white face paint? That is Irene Barber of Hungry Pines and XVII Eyes, and she’s the secret weapon that explains the amazing sound of his most recent album Lost in Slow Motion.

Her voice is woven into nearly every song in some way and it brings depth and complexity to his already dreamy, contemplative shoegaze. At this point, the identity “Erik Blood” might as well be a duo. Taken all together, it’s enough to make your head spin, and I mean that in the most positive, delightful way possible.

Think you’re ready to experience this? Erik Blood is coming home and performing at Seattle’s own Neumos on June 8th with openers Western Haunts, Season of Strangers, and OC Notes.

Erik Blood with Western Haunts, Season of Strangers, OC Notes

Date & Time:
June 8th, 2017 | 8 PM

925 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA, 98122

Age Restriction:

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