Myka Relocate, a Houston-based metalcore band, stands out from crowded genre by diversifying their sound with pop-infused electronic accents. And although they already have strong fan base in their hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, that sound is helping them grow quickly across the southern U.S.

They’ve released several albums, from Self Portrait of a Frozen Father in 2008 to Lies to Light the Way in 2013. Within their growth as a band, they’ve swapped out several different members, but each change has only grown their success. They performed at South by So What in 2013, and have had national tours.

In October 2015, the band released The Young Souls, and went on a national tour with Slaves, Capture the Crown, and Conquer Divide, with a final stop in Japan at Scream Out Fest. They’re truly a band to listen to if you’re feeling the need to really scream out your feelings and have some gritty fun.

And now for the first time since their release of Lies to Light the Way three years ago, Myka Relocate is returning to Fitzgerald’s in Houston on the Texas portion of The Young Souls tour (Since published, Myka Relocate has been forced to relocate this show to a different venue, BFE Rockclub).

Listen to The Young Souls Here:

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Myka Relocate Texas tour

Catch Myka Relocate on their tour throughout Texas this upcoming weekend:

February 10, 2017 – DALLAS – The Prophet Bar – tickets

February 11, 2017 – HOUSTON – **BFE Rockclub – join to go / contest / tickets

February 12, 2017 – AUSTIN – Sidewinder – tickets