Pickwick at Neumos

In sports, people most often grow up with the team closest to their hometown. I suppose geography breeds loyalty (Go Yankees).

In music, that’s not as true. But why not? Probably because musicians don’t tie themselves to place quite as much. But then again, what is Bruce Springsteen without New Jersey, Nirvana without Aberdeen, Prince without Minnesota, the Beatles without Liverpool, and so on?

For less world-renowned artists, we should make an effort to know where they’re from. For Seattle, you might not realize how much different music comes right from your backyard. So let’s learn a thing or two.



I’d imagine it takes a fanatical dedication to quality to get 40 songs into an R&B album, and then just walk away from it because it wasn’t right. I wouldn’t really know how to begin to do that because I am a weak-willed and lazy person. But that’s exactly what Seattle band Pickwick did.

That turmoil led to one member of the band departing in 2016. However, it seems like it was all worth it. The songs that are finally emerging, including “In Time” and “Turncoat”, are intricate sonically deep works of musical art.

Now is a particularly great time to see them, since their album drop is imminent and you’ll probably get to hear new songs. In fact, that’s a promise. Because this show is their album release show.

Pickwick – Album Release w/ Cataldo | June 10, 2017 | 8 PM | All Ages | tickets / go to show

Country Lips

Country Lips

This Seattle country band has nine people. That’s a lot of people. I’d hate everyone if I was in a nine-piece band. But these guys are like family. You can hear it in their music too.

It’s incredibly synchronous acoustic music set on a folky backdrop. So sit back on that bale of hay in a warm field and enjoy this music as the sun sets. Or do the Seattle equivalent.

Country Lips’ Summer Social w/ The Easy Leaves, Evening Bell + Caleb & Walter | June 14, 2017 | 7 PM | 21+ | tickets / go to show

925 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA, 98122

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