Derrick Carter, Rhondavous: A Party with Matte


With missives like that, Rhonda summons party-goes of all types to venues throughout Los Angeles. Originally, the party, then known as A Club Called Rhonda, took place in “the sleaziest legal place we could find,” according to founders Loren Granic and Gregory Alexander.

Now known as Rhondavous and existing in nicer digs, the soul of the original party has not changed. In a city full of the seen and the image-conscious and events catering to the type, Rhondavous has always existed as an artsiest and more inclusive party. A refuge of sorts, if you will. As long as you accept the will of Rhonda.

“In the minds of the young and relentless, she is the uncompromising queen: pushing thirsty throngs into the loud and living throne of Dionysus through this thing we call body music.”

The next edition of this party is called Rhondavous: A Party with Matte and will feature Chicago underground house legend Derrick Carter as well as a lineup of Joakim, Kyle Hall, Masha, Marshall Jefferson, and Goddollars & Paradise.

I suspect no matter who you are, you’ll find something about Rhonda that will appeal to you.

Rhondavous: A Party with Matte

Date & Time:
September 22nd, 2017 | 9 PM

Globe Theatre
740 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Age Restriction:

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Rhondavous: A Party with Matte

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