There are very few things in music in which the true founder is undisputed. For minimal trance though, they can point to Robert Hood as “the architect.”

Widely credited as the inventor of minimal trance, Robert Hood is also, of course, a founding member of the group Underground Resistance, a pioneering group in the field of Detroit based techno.

Yeah, he’s also got his own Wikipedia page. And you know you’re important when you have one of those (and you didn’t set it up yourself).

As one of the defining artists of electronic music throughout the 90s, his prolific library of works traverses a great deal of the history of the genre. When listened to collectively, it serves as a true buffet for the devoted fan.

He’s going to be at Space Miami on Saturday, April 22nd, performing along with a pioneer in his own right Ambivalent.

Space Miami

Oh also, Robert Hood is an ordained minister so if you’re looking to get married fast, you can go and see if he’ll do it.

Robert Hood & Ambivalent by Link Miami Rebels

Date & Time:
April 22nd, 2017 | 11 PM

34 NE 11th Street
Miami, FL 33132

Age Restriction:


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