E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

Long the unofficial motto of the United States, it has been immortalized on statues, in text, and on our currency. It represents the founding philosophy of our country, not only the unprecedented 18th century union of states into one cohesive democracy, but also the union of the disparate peoples, who have no other connection other than a shared American identity.

Wynwood 5th AvenueIt’s a high-minded ideal certainly. And Bushwick A/V and SÜNDE want to apply it to their new party series, U.N.U.M. It brings underground artists and collectives from across the United States and invites them to come together, blend their styles, and create one harmonious sound.

Even though Bushwick A/V might be known for their late night parties in New York, this one is for Miami. It will take place in the world-renowned Wynwood Arts District at Wynwood 5th Avenue.

The first edition of U.N.U.M. will bring together artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, New York, San Juan, Washington DC, and, of course, Miami in one spectacular celebration of the diversity of America and how we are still one people.

Okay, enough lofty rhetoric. Here’s the lineup:

Terry Francis (fabriclondon)
Taimur Agha (Blkmarket Membership, The Selectors – Miami)
Mor Elian (Into The Woods – Los Angeles)
DJ Lisa Frank (ROAM – Washington DC)
Jimmy B (WERD. – San Francisco)
Loren (Los Lobos, My BaBy, TV Lounge – Detroit)
Jon Delgado (Groove and Flavor – Puerto Rico)
Blu 9 (Apart, Primary, MTZ Records – Chicago)
Maheras (Into The Woods – Los Angeles)
Jubilee (DC) (Playlist – Washington DC)
Ray Calero (Restless RADIO – Miami)
Jorissen (Los Lobos, House Coffee Detroit)
Santiago Caballero (Slap & Tickle – Miami)
Andres Figueroa (Groove and Flavor – Puerto Rico)
Andrew Barren (Los Lobos, Wu – Detroit)
Gio Gulez (TBA Brooklyn, Bushwick A/V – NYC)
Sam T Richardson (SÜNDE – Miami)
Myroslaw Bytz (Secret Guests, Bushwick A/V – NYC)
Steve Amoroso (Secret Guests, SÜNDE – Miami)
Alex Serna (SÜNDE – Miami)
Diego Devoto (SÜNDE – Miami)
A DJ Named Sné (Monkey Wrench Techno, Fully Funktional Audio – NYC)

Terry Francis: U.N.U.M Art Basel lineup poster

U.N.U.M Art Basel Launch Party

Date & Time:
December 7th, 2017 | 5 PM

Wynwood 5th Avenue
2443 5th Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

Age Restriction:

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