Small Font Big Future gives you a low-down on smaller artists you should definitely take the time to see when you’re stage hopping at the next festival.

Northern Nights, California’s premier camping festival, is back again this year, inviting attendees to romp through the redwoods and sleep under the stars.

Of course, you’re also definitely there for the music. And this festival really brings it with the really small font. It even confounded our music discovery experts, so naturally they left this one up to the rookie. Let’s traverse the up-and-comers, the local heroes, and the artists who are SoundCloud, not Spotify, sized, in the Northern Nights lineup.

If you take a look at the lineup poster for Northern Nights, you’ll notice they’ve helpfully grouped the artists into tiers. Let’s start with the next to last tier first.


These guys are purveyors of incredibly catchy beats. They’re the perfect summer jam because their music hits you like waves.

Mr FijiWiji

Listening to a remix or an original by Mr FijiWiji, you get the sense that he likes using the drum beats to kick the vocals around an echo. It’s pretty cool actually.

Manatee Commune

After listening to Manatee Commune for a bit, I know who I want to hire to soundtrack my next dream. It’s music to chill to that’ll make the magical redwoods feel just a bit more magical.

Eko Zu

This trio has a very clear ascetic, from the tiger masks to a distinctive art style on their album covers. That attention to detail and clear identity extends to their music as well, with slick, well-produced beats and vocals with a sheen.

Northern Nights water tubing

Okay, time to do a real deep dive. Let’s see what’s going on in that last tier. Hardcore music fans only.


What a name. And the mixes are as eclectic as you would expect from an outfit called Tacosnap. I honestly couldn’t tell you what to expect from them at Northern Nights, but isn’t that part of the fun?

[Spotify not found] Hm… maybe try SoundCloud instead?

Mr. 415

Why yes, 415 is a reference to an area code. And like Mr. 305 before him, this local is very proud of where he’s from. He’s become somewhat of a Northern Nights staple and with his heavy house beats, it’s not hard to see why he keeps getting invited back.

[Spotify not found] Yup, head over to SoundCloud. They need the help anyways.

Cremes n Lotions

There is nothing subtle about this Los Angeles pair. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

[Spotify not found] I’m sensing a pattern here. Warning, their SoundCloud is kinda NSFW.

Berel Alexander

This Oakland-based singer/songwriter has a sound like folk, but with the twangy edges smoothed down into something a little more California. Also, he performs under his actual name, which in this crowd, stands out.

[Spotify not found] So he doesn’t even have a SoundCloud… But check out this YouTube video his friend shot and uploaded.

Northern Nights campground

Okay, so those last ones broke our Spotify convention a bit. Also, there are no days or set times because they haven’t released them yet. Stay tuned, and let us know who you’re eager to see on Twitter.

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