Small Font Big Future gives you a low-down on smaller artists you should definitely take the time to see when you’re stage hopping at the next festival.

We’ve hyped you up for Shaky Beats in the past. Now’s the time to tell you who to see. While it’s only Shaky Beats’ second year, it was hard to pick our favorite up and coming artists as a lot of these guys are, frankly, already pretty big.

Guess it made my job easy. Here’s who to scope out (or already know, and enjoy) this year:


Said the Sky

Said the Sky has “soaring melodies and heavy baselines.” Think: soundtrack to an epic luxury travel music video, with a little bit of gritty fun.

Shaky Beats


Young Bombs

This Canadian duo are known for their wildly successful remixes. They mix house house, progressive, and future house in a way that gets you dancing, but also sounds extremely distinct.


Kaiydo’s flow has been described as sluggish, syrupy, and woozy. His hooks are irresistible, pointed, and sharp. The combination results in a contagious performance.


Can CID even be considered small font? He’s got a Grammy, after all. Doesn’t matter. Dude checks out. Fast dance mixes galore.

Shaky Beats



Reigning “Queen of Dark Techno” despite not really being techno. She’s got a trippy, diverse, and mysterious sound with visuals (and goggles!) to match.


Wingtip is torn between pop, indie, and electronic (and sometimes disco). His sound combines acoustic instruments interlaced with electronic accents and mellow vocals. If there’s ever been an artist who is ‘genre-bending’ we’ve finally found him.


Local heavy bass artist. Self annoited “tornado-massacre-bloodmonster-step.” This is not for the faint of heart. I anticipate moshing.


Echos is a duo with moody, ethereal vocals. Definitely a night time soundtrack.


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