Welcome to our Sober & Empty series. Explore your favorite venue, or maybe a new one, like you’ve never seen them before: sober and, well, empty.

Our first Sober & Empty profile piece for New York is one of Brooklyn’s newest clubs: Schimanski.

The club occupies the space formerly known as Verboten. However, to reflect the change to a new venue it was given the unique moniker it is now known by. Schimanski is a cop from the ’80s German crime TV show called Tatort. Yeah, it’s pretty eclectic.

There are two main rooms; one with a main stage and bar, and another with a smaller stage and access to a larger bar. The main room has a slightly elevated stage and magenta tinted reflective surfaces throughout, enhancing the lights of any show.

The smaller room is decorated thoroughly with black light paintings and offers a slightly different vibe than the main room.

Schmanski from the stage

One of the most unique parts about Schimanski is one of the most prevalent problems presented when you’re attending a show: choosing when to go to the bathroom because you don’t want to miss your favorite part of a set.

Well, Schimanski has you covered. They’ve installed one way mirrors above urinals, so you can continue to be a part of the party when nature calls (at least for the men).Schimanski from the side

The speaker system is installed throughout the entire venue space and ensures you won’t miss out if you want to step away from the stage to get a drink or take a breather.

Schimanski from the back

Want to see what the venue looks like for yourself? Check out the full video run-through.

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