Welcome to our Sober & Empty series. Explore your favorite venue, or maybe a new one, like you’ve never seen them before: sober and, well, empty.

Slim’s is a live music nightclub in San Francisco’s SoMa district that caters to all genres of music, from folk to metal and more. The club was opened in 1988 by R&B legend Boz Scaggs and is the sister venue to Great American Music Hall.

The venue has a 550 person capacity and is majority standing room only for the open floorplan lower level. The bar is an L formation hugging the far-end brick wall, as to not obstruct visuals for anyone watching the show.

Slim's, with and without crowd

The upper level of Slim’s has a seated capacity of 30 people and is available for “Dinner & Admission” tickets that come with a three-course prix fixe dinner and guaranteed seating. The venue tends to get packed, so if you want an up-close view it’s best to arrive a bit early or purchase one of the seated tickets.

Slim's, full and empty

There is one staircase that leads up to the upper level, but the full service bar, bathroom, and coat checks are all located on the first floor. Previous artists who have played at Slim’s include Radiohead, Kings of Leon, X and Prince.

Wanna see it empty for yourself? Watch our Sober & Empty walk-through below.

Slim’s is located at 333 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103.

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